VIP 305 Miami was started by a group of concerned parents with teenagers at home with the idea of teaching their own kids real values as they enjoy their teen years. Teenagers see the world from a different perspective than adults do. They learn from what is seen on television, social media, gaming and their group of friends. 

As parents, we are here to guide them through tough times; giving them good advise so they can make good choices like staying in school, stop bullying, saying no to drugs, helping them build their self confidence, trying to stay away of bad company, etc. We believe that if we give our children the necessary tools to succeed in life, then we have accomplished our job as parents.

​We sometimes don't understand them; most of the time they don't understand us... maybe because we grew up under different rules and in different worlds, but it doesn't change the fact that as parents we want the best for our children. Let us not forget that they are the building blocks of our future and our future depends on them.

That is why we need to communicate with them. ​We need to talk more often and try to live in their world. They need our unconditional love and guidance to make the right choices, but we also need to trust them in this new changing world that belongs to them.

VIP 305 Miami allows for students around our community to speak freely in a safe environment and also allows those students with hidden talents to spread their wings and grow as artists. With various events throughout the year showcasing the talent that lives in our community, VIP 305 Miami welcomes everyone to join our mission in making a change.


To become more involved in our community, VIP 305 Miami opened their sister company, very important purpose to better serve our community and allow for teens in the Dade-County area to serve their community and fulfill their high school graduation requirements. we offer a variety of ways to serve our community by working with the foster care system to serving meals to the homeless.