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​VIP 305 Miami and Very Important Purpose (a non-profit organization) love to give back and help those in need! Host a fundraising event with us and a large portion of the money raised will benefit your organization!

If you want us to be a part of your events contact us by emailing us at, calling us at (305)-600-1327, or follow us on social media.

VIP 305 can cover your next event! We have covered entertainment events like Premios Juventud and Premios lo Nuestro as well as community fairs like the St. Agatha Pig Roast and Belen's Tombola. We can boast your attendance and make sure your event is a hit! We take our VIP squad to take pictures, videos and so much more!

Nonprofit organization helping other in Miami

To get a FREE quote for your next event, contact Amber Dorsey at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Contact VIP 305 Miami to cover your next event! From birthday parties to school events, we will make sure the host and their guests are VIP all night long!

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Are you on the lookout for the opportunities for helping others in Miami? VIP 305 is the online hub where you will get quick information about the upcoming events. We have a team of experienced volunteers, who manage non profit events in Miami. We represent a genuine platform where you will enjoy community hours in Miami.


You might be aware of the events hosted in and around the Miami city. We understand that these Fundraising events in Miami tend to be a lot of fun for you. In fact, we provide complete information about the Community events in Miami to keep you inspired always. In Miami, community service offered by us will keep you motivated always. Grab the Donation opportunities in Miami here at VIP 305 and stay focused on your goal of building a nice person in you. We run a Nonprofit organization in Miami that takes care of all your interests and keep you informed about upcoming events to have fun. 


Community hours in Miami




You can get service hour’s in Miami from the VIP-305 website. The site deals with many non-profit events, and the same is listed on their 'upcoming events' page for quick reference.

It is very tough to find community service in Miami, so the VIP-305 sit provides a list of upcoming events. So, you can surf the site and participate in the activities that interest you.

Yes, you can go through the ‘Upcoming events’ page on the site of VIP-305 to get the community service online in Miami. However, you would have to go to the event to get the required credentials.

Yes, the fundraising event is a way to collect money that can help any needy institution along with your company. The VIP-305 organization conducts such activities for raising capital.

Some places are need of help because they do not have enough resources to conduct some activities. So, community services are essential for such organizations, and VIP-305 helps them in conducting events.

The benefit of the community service is to an individual because they would get love and affection from the person to whom they have provided help. The organization would also benefit because they understand the necessary support.

Some communities are deprived of high-quality services. So, community services conducted by VIP-305 would help them achieve the desired services without investing a considerable amount.

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