Email Campaigns
- We create beautiful and effective email campaigns for your business.
- Our email campaign reacher over 15,000 consumers.

- ​Business strategy
- Image creation 

Events and Activities
​- Give your business the right exposure by attending our monthly events
​- Participate with your company banners, brochures, or any other
​  promotional items.

Augmented Reality
​- Allows your products to jump of the page while enhancing print with interactive menus,video or 3D content to add a new dimension to the customer experience.


VIP 305 is an innovative magazine with the mission of making a difference in our community. We are based in Miami, Florida with a substantial reach to parents, teenagers and teachers through our magazine. Our mission is to make it fun, simple, engaging and especially informative for our audience of caring and concerned individuals.

We offer services such as complete marketing packages that include our 10,000 printed edition, which is distributed in all our partnering schools, online edition and social media along with our 10k followers, web design, email campaigns and much more. We also have an app available which enhances your images by adding dimensions and videos through the app. We partner with many public and private schools such as Belen, Columbus, Archbishop Coleman Carroll, Saint Brendan, Terra, Good Shepherd, etc.

We can promote your business through news, articles, tips or interviews that you think would be interesting for the readers.

We have also attracted a large number of followers on various platforms including our printed magazine and social media.

We are getting the attention and support from schools, sports teams, individuals and local businesses.

Printed Advertising in Monthly Magazine
- 24 pages magazine (9 x 12 inches)
​- Every 45 days
- Circulation: 10,000 copies
- Marketing & distribution channels: stores, businesses, schools
- District:  Dade-county region (south miami)
​- Free distribution

Internet Advertising
- Different size web banners that are displayed in a random position.
​- Our visitors can go directly to your website through backlinks.
​- Optimized mobile view.

Social Media Optimization
​- Social media setup (facebook, twitter, tumblr, pinterest, instagram)
- Develop fan page
​- Daily updates/5 days week
​- Feeds social networking sites.