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Summer service camp involves a training program for teenagers and adolescents. The main aim of the camp is to provide an emotional, cultural, and educational experience to the participants.

VIP-305 is the best service hour's summer camp in Miami because it provides the best training. It also focuses on giving hands-on experience about essential aspects of life, which would help the kids in coping with life and surroundings.

Camp volunteers are the bridge between campers and the teachers. Some students might get stuck in minor activities of the camp, such as using the stove and understanding some activity. So, the cam volunteers would help them in such activities.

The VIP-305 would help in getting the training for service hours in Miami. The service hours would cultivate the personal growth of the person, along with providing help to the required facility.

You can check the VIP-305 site because it provides volunteers for helping in any facility. They would have participants who stay in a nearby location that would help in the smooth functioning of the facility.

There are many service hour programs available on VIP-305 that provide different durations. The new VIP summer camp program offers six weeks of community service.

The service hour’s program available on VIP-305 costs $700. However, you would get the option of choosing the dates according to your flexibility.


Coastal CleanUp at Deering State September 21st, 2019

             ADOPT-A-TREE  SEPTEMBER 14TH, 2019

On September 28th, 2019 our VIP305MIAMI team raced $2,245.00 at the St. Jude Walk We want to thank to Saint Agatha School for supporting us in this amazing walk for a reason. 

Looking to make your teenage enjoyable? VIP 305 is here to provide you training for Service hours in Miami. We aim to bring a difference in your life. If you want to help others through a genuine connection, be sure to count on us. With a team of genuine people, we strive to enhance the lives of people of all ages. With a variety of programs, we help and encourage people to do something good for others.


We understand your needs and let you learn the best things to do goods in the life of others. We support your skills and make you a better person. Spend time on camps with us and gain hand-on experience. Do join us and get an advantage of Service hours in summer camp. We also look for better techniques to help you expand your horizons. Get exceptional support from our team of experts and make the most out of your summer camp experience.


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