Summer Camp for Teenagers

Miami summer camp

Teenage is certainly the best phase of life when one can make countless beautiful memories. In Miami, summer camp is easy to join through VIP 305. We are running a friendly platform where you can easily make better arrangements to join a summer camp. We believe joining Summer camp in Miami is the best and fun way to keep yourself busy. That’s why we ensure you get a better opportunity to learn something good and new this vacation.

Learn New Skill at our Summer Camp in Miami

Be a nice person with our team of friendly volunteers and learn new skills to enhance your life. We have the best lessons for you through which you can not only learn something new but also improve your existing skills. Our Summer camp for teenagers brings new opportunities where something is available for every individual, no matter how people’s interests may vary. Stay connected with people, having a good sense of humor and get the advantage of your summer leaves completely.

This summer Very Important Purpose hosted their first sleep-away camp for teens between the ages of 15 and 17. Teens who participated were able to serve their community in various ways throughout the week. From feeding families at the Ronald Mc Donald House to bringing smiles to people who have special needs. Each student who participated received 150 community service hours that go towards their high school graduation and scholarship opportunities.

Stay tuned for dates and more info if you want to be apart of our Summer Service Projects next year!


Summer Camp